Written By Mutamuliza Daniella and Shabani Bizimana

As we probably know, women had no equal right as men where; boys were able to go to school  and learn while girls stayed at home doing housework.

The main reasons why we don’t have many women artist compared to men: Is that woman are intimidated by men and the society, they don’t see their abilities, they are underestimated, they are still afraid to step out of their shell, and share whatever they have got at the table, they compare themselves with others which is hard enough for them to find their uniqueness.

Women in society are still regarded as weak being a woman can be a psychological factor that makes many girls not to work harder or equal their fellow boys.

Being a women also make it hard to out stand yourself in some fields and hence make it harder for them to get equal opportunities as men. Lately with the #MeToo movement, we saw that even in developed countries, women/girls are still taken advantage of; some women have to do sexual favors in order to have the same privilege as men in the creative industry.

There are so many reasons to why we find a few women in the creative industry but things are being reformed, many changes are occurring and girls/women are starting to be given equal opportunities and chances as their fellow boys/men.

Our responsibility as human being is to protect women and to ensure that they are safe and being recognized for their efforts and talents.