Written By Mutamuliza Daniella

Art is an expression of creativity skills, ideas, thoughts, emotions and imagination that creates beauty or emotional power in humans”. Above all it is used to convey a message because it is appealing.

Art as a discipline is classified into many categories such as: paintings, design, literature, music, theater, and photography. There is Traditional art history and Modern art which has different styles such as: visual arts and crafts.

Art has a very high status in modern societies people flock to museums, especially tourists. Museums have different art works which create wonders and curiosity to why they were made and the purpose of it all. Arts were used before Christ and afterwards they are still part of our daily lives.

Art is and has always been a sophisticated tool, a tool that can help us to cope with things like loneliness, one that can fill us with hope, and can help us to communicate in a world that questions power and aims to improve political systems. It is never an insult to ask art to do things for us.

True art must serve nothing at all it is an end in itself ”. It should make sense and it should promote something.