The story Behind

The Story Behind

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”  Neville Brody

Recently, H.E Paul Kagame celebrated his 63rd birthday, and to honor that, Kalima Alain completed a complimentary digital illustration featuring President Kagame donning his military uniform with a smile, positioned behind a younger illustration of him. In the background of the illustration we can see shadows representing moments of Kagame’s life such as the outline of him holding his new born grandchild, riding a bicycle, greeting a young child and more icons representing the culture of Rwanda.

Sitting with Kalima, we discussed the illustration, his artistic processes and art in general.

Can you tell me the type of art you generally do or if you have a favorite?

I generally do digital painting and have been for a while, finding it to be my favorite style of art, compared to my endeavors with traditional paintings.

What inspired you to do that piece on President Kagame?

What inspired me to paint H.E is himself. I’ve always seen him as a major inspiration not just to myself but many others in Rwanda and worldwide for his successful work in building Rwanda. I love the way he works as a leader of a country with a history like us, how he is in media and his encounters with other world leaders and even people like me. He’s quite a unique and confident President

Why did you choose to include every single aspect within that part?

For me, the best and unique parts of tis artwork are details and moments in it. It perfectly showcases the President, and moments that highlights who he is and has been to us; a leader, a father, a husband. It took me approximately a month and a half to complete.

Also this was the second version of the artwork, which many people never realize about art. We make multiple versions. Towards the end of September, I chose to develop a newer version due to unexpected changes and luckily it came out perfect.

What else inspires your art?

With everything considered, I believe art is a history of reality, with a good vibe towards the representation of real moments in life.

Overall I think we can agree that art is incredibly expressive, and the perfect way to showcase every thought, every idea and every emotion represented by colors and shapes and light.

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